Rhinestone (360 CP, minor Ascendant)

Real Name: Rebecca Schumacher

180 CP normal human statistics (3 each)

93 CP Cosmic Control:1 (140 CP base cost)

    Only usable to create gemstones, 33% Power Flaw

    Gemstones have a density of 9, which means it takes her 8SP (about 15 minutes) to create one.

3 CP Skill - Craft (gemcutter) 6

2 CP Skill - Escape Artist 4

2 CP Skill - Infiltration 4

80 CP Wealthy Perk (contracts to NOT disrupt global trade in precious gemstones)

<edit> This gives her a wealth level of 6. </edit>


Rebecca did not originally register her powers, but admitted to them when questioned by the FBI about a (then) recent jewel heist.  Although she tried to keep her powers quiet, between the FBI, IRS, GIA, and other interested agencies, her powers ended up on the news.  She used the code name Rhinestone to try to protect her identity, to no avail.

She wants nothing to do with running around the streets in tight-fitting clothes punching other people.  Her powers are useless in combat, and she knows it.  

It was only a matter of time before she was kidnapped by criminals who thought they could make a profit from her abilities.  And they did - until an intrepid Ascendant tracked them down, and discovered Rebecca prowling about their lair, having picked her handcuffs by using her jeweler's tools and a lot of trial and error.  She has since trained for the next time (and carries a tazer).

Development Notes

Original concept for Rhinestone is that she was wealthy, paid to NOT use her powers.  This also, unfortunately, makes her a target for criminal organizations that want her to use her powers for their benefit.  She has no special combat abilities or powers, and is for all purposes a "normal human" with one exceptional ability that she uses in her day-to-day life.

During character design, discovered that even Control powers lack the ability to create or restructure matter, thus the use of the super-costly Cosmic Control, the only power in the Beta-2 rules set that allows this.  Fortunately, one rank was all that was needed to generate the effect she needs.

If she gets even one more AGL skill, it is just cheaper for her to buy AGL.