Ruined Hands and Spellcasting

I'm running my first ACKS campaign (Dwimmermount), and it's been going great so far. Last session, their main mage was taken down by a kobold with a flask of military oil and only saved by a speedy Healing check.  Mortal Wounds table gave the result "one of your hands is severed or crushed." At first I was inclined to say that this disallows spellcasting, as the Spells chapter says that the caster must be able to move his hands and my AD&D memories tell me that intact hands are a must.  However, I looked further at the table and noted that there was a different entry (lips and tongue severed or mangled) that explicitly disallows spellcasting, and that one was 2 full levels lower down on the chart, suggesting to me that this penalty was intended to be rather less severe than no spellcasting).

Was my initial gut reaction (2 undamaged hands are required for spellcasting) or my interpretation of the chart's intent (penalty is only what it says it is) correct?

Not an Autarch, but I ruled it the way you read the chart's intent; I assumed that as long as you have at least one surviving hand, you can spellcast.

You can spellcast with one hand. A mage can spellcast if he has a wand or staff in one hand and the other hand is free. A spellsword can cast with a sword in one hand and the other hand free. But if you lose both hands, or both hands are being used to hold objects, you can't spellcast.