Running Proficiency

"The characters base movement speed is increased by 30' when wearing chainmail or lighter armor"


IC wise, our formerly 0th level Torchbearer named Tauric has this proficiency, and there is some confusion as to what it actually does.


Does it simply add 30' to all of your movement rates, is it only for running or charging... I'd simply like to hear a slightly more in depth description of how this Proficiency works.

It raises your base movement rate from 120' to 150'.

Exploration Movement: 150' per turn

Charging/Running Movement: 150' per round

Combat Movement: 50'

Long-Distance Movement: 30 miles

How does that work out with Encumbrance from just "I am carrying this much weight" but not wearing disallowed armor? Just add 10' of movement to the characters speed?


And thanks for the reply!

I use the same ratios but scaled down and rounded to nearest 5, so that 120/90/60/30 becomes 150/115/75/40