Sale price?

I liked the section of the book where it talks about the disrepair of items and how they would sell for less. It is realistic and adds a lot of charm to the game. However, do those items sell for 100% value? I assume the players are selling it to a retailer like a pawn shop or general merchant, but, one wouldn't expect to get 100% value off of sold items, even the ones in mint condition unless you were the merchant yourself. What is a fair price to get at merchant for items? If the merchant bought at 100% he wouldn't get anything for selling it to a buyer, if he did 80% he would get 20% but, realistically retail price is usually half for most goods. Thoughts?

Half seems reasonable. 

I think you'll find this helpful:



Thank you, I didn't realize the question was asked by someone else and answered in such detail over there. I really appreciate it.