Several House Rules

Special Components Per the books, the GM should decide what special components are. I've been lazy, and just used monster parts, but there is a certain soft-hearted elfmaid who has full intentions of being traumatized by any formulae that involved killing something cute. So ...

Potions, level 1-2: herbs. Naturalism gathers 25 gold per full day.

Scrolls, all levels: powdered gem ink. Craft (Gem Ink) produces it at usual rates.

Potion herbs and scroll inks are both widely available.

Everything else: rare magical essences, which can be acquired three ways:

  1. Monster parts. The cheap and easy way!

  2. Direct distillation. One month and formula. Spend any amount on oils, alchemical tinctures, powdered gems, rare flowers, and so on. Make a research throw (target is +1 per 2,000 gold) as if making an item (uses a workshop). Success produces essences equal to gold spent.

Option #2 is useful for extinct, banned, or morally repugnant monster parts.

Highways Base GP x length (miles) x width (feet).

Min 4’ wide for single-file soldiers; 6’ cavalry; 8’ wagons.

Dirt Road: 6.25 GP. Rain: move x1/2.
Elven Meadow Road: 25 GP. Rain: move x2/3. Min 12’ wide.
Gravel: 25 GP. Rain: move x2/3. Min 6’ wide.
Paved: 50 GP. Rain: move x1. Min 8’ wide.
Dwarven Highway: 100 GP. Rain has no effect. Min 12’ wide.

(OOC: The semi-official numbers these are based on.)

Maintenance is (cost/200) per month. Can be ignored - travelers maintain it - but if paid, counts toward defense structures for a domain.

Garrison 0.5 GP/mile/month (civilized), 1 GP (borderlands), 2 GP (wilderness). Keeps it clear of threats (or passes word), enforces tolls, guides travelers, etc.

A maintained and garrisoned road between two settlements produces money. Take the two largest settlements on continguous road and average their market class (round down). Repeat for any extra bits of contiguous road left over.

VI: 0.5 GP/mile. V: 1 GP/mile. IV: 2 GP/mile. III: 3 GP/mile. II: 4 GP/mile. I: 5 GP/mile.
This is aggregate like city income: tolls, extra services, tourists, travelers, etc.
Congregations and Domains Congregants in a domain count against the % population ignoring the domain's religious edict.
Pegasus Mounts The default pegasus is:
  • Light horse movement + x2 move for flight.
  • HD halfway between light and medium (2 -> 2+2 -> 3)
  • Medium horse strength (30/60 stone; hooves deal 1d6 damage).
  • Warhorse benefits (2 hooves, +2 morale).
  • AC +1, save equal to HD instead of HD/2.
I wanted percherons with feathered fetlocks, so the Galaufabonne pegasus is:
  • Medium horse movement + x2 move for flight.
  • HD halfway between medium and heavy (3 -> 3+2 -> 4)
  • Heavy horse strength (40/80 stone; hooves deal 1d8 damage).
  • Warhorse benefits (2 hooves, +2 morale).
  • AC +1, save equal to HD instead of HD/2.
Pegasi are not large enough to be ridden by full-sized adult humans until two years old; they can be trained before that, however.

Standard pegasi foals require 10 months of training. Galaufabonne pegasi require 28 months. Training provides morale +1, and allows warhorse charges and similar.

The first available cliffside foals were hatched in Year 3/Month 3, and will complete training in Year 5/Month 7. The first Galaufchulis tree foals were provided for training in Year 5/Month 3.

I made a spreadsheet of pegasi foals, with name, coloration, and the following random rolls:

HP 3+2 (average 15.5).
STR 1d6+7: Hoof damage, load (each +1 is +3/+6 stone).
DEX 1d6+7: AC.
EGO 3d6: Saves and reaction rolls. Can learn 5+modifier tricks.

The players have been salivating over that list :-). Well, except for Vulfelind, who can’t have one.

I should note that these aren’t actually rules changes - just “rules of the house” that I wrote up this week, based on what the players were wanting to do. So maybe rules extensions.

I love the special component stuff! That’s awesome. Consider that yoinked! :wink:

The highway stuff sounds interesting too, but I’ll have to go over that a bit more in depth. If the players reach the point that this becomes an issue, I imagine they will want such things eventually!

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing your expansions to the game!

I priced the highway stuff to closely align with Alex’s linked post, and then established income with the intent that only the larger cities can afford to do anything other than let the users maintain the highway.

(And some highways, like the dirt path, simply aren’t going to be worth the effort to maintain - let the users maintain it, and don’t worry about it.)