Share your house rule - Character Creation

I missed this post earlier. I've put together character creation house rules for each of my ACKS campaigns:

Way late to the party, but I use a variant of the ACKS "roll 3d6 in order 5 times" character generation method. Each player gets a character set consisting of 4 "3d6 in order" ability score groups and one Average Joe/Plain Jane group (12,11,11,10,10,9; arranged to suit). I use a spreadsheet to generate a bunch of character sets, print them, cut them out, fold them up, and have the players choose them from a hat (literally; it's a pirate hat from Disneyland). The players pick one set of ability scores to be their character, one to be a henchman for hire in the starting market, and keep the other three for replacement PCs. It's much faster than rolling a zillion times.