Sharing Adaptations

I like creating campaign classes, etc., and I’ve created a bunch of races and classes for my Crimson Sun campaign (built using the AD&D 2E Dark Sun setting and books as a foundation). I’ve also got a few Dragonlance classes and a race, so far.

How careful should I be about posting ACKS material inspired by non-OGL/SRD supplements from the TSR era? Is it sufficient to call them Mantis-Men and Half-Dwarves and Dragonmen? Better to just not do it? There’s no text or tables copied, and AFAIK only the presentation of game rules can be copyrighted, not the mechanics… but obviously I don’t want to either be a jerk or to get Autarch in any kind of hot water, even potentially.

Correct - game mechanics cannot be copyrighted, just presentation.

In any event, I wouldn’t concern yourself over-much. I think calling them “Mantis-Men” “Half-Dwarves” and so on is quite sufficient protection. Much of the OSR’s content is built in exactly this manner.

Thanks! I will do that, then. I dunno if I’m going to share my Crimson Sun stuff separately or wait until I’ve put together a halfway decent PDF with all of it, but I’ll definitely share some of the other stuff.