Should I be turning my historical hack into a supplement?

We’ve just kicked off a campaign set in Mythic Greece. It uses the default conceits of D&D (monsters, magic items, dungeons, as much as possible) but I still found your thread really useful for ideas, and will keep tabs on how you’re “ACKS-ifying” antiquity, even if I am using a fantastic version.

That’s a pretty resounding endorsement, thanks everyone.

Beedo - have you written anything up about your game anywhere? I’d be interestd to read it.

His blog is, look particularly for posts about Taenarum.

As Tom said, it’s a relatively new campaign (only two weeks in), but the following URL would get the relevant posts. The Greek Mythic age, with all its warring city states and rivalries between petty kings, seems perfect for getting the ACKS treatment. Once the dungeon levels are a little further along, I’ll be turning to hex maps and the wider setting.