I’m in the middle of the first game of thrones books and im thinking of all the spying and intrigue going on in Kings Landing as well as the “singer” that accomanied the dwarf tyrion to the aerie.

  1. 0 level “singer” specialist, If hired, a singer increases reaction rolls (like the diplomacy skill) of parlays and those the party encounters in civilized lands due to songs and exploits in balads sung by the singer about the PCs. This would also increase the likelihood that hirelings would agree to join the party and also make it impossible to keep a low profile. Singer is a non combatant.
  2. attorneys. Include language for retaining a courtier to plead your case to the king/chieftain (level 1, 2, 3 courtier perhaps?) for games that rely more on “kings justice” of royal courtd rather than courts of law.
    Hey now…it just occured to me that a “normal man” retainer with the diplomacy skill does this (the singer specialist) quite neatly. Perhaps include examples of 0-level retainers with proficiencies. Maybe include a “spying” proficiency? Or say that any retainer that has diplomacy and disguise could act as a spy? Hmm…this is getting convoluted.
    Say i have a normal man retainer with, “diplomacy, performance, lip reading, seduction, signaling, tracking, acting, and intimidation”.
    What can he do? Spy? Carouse?
    A spy succeeds on a 16+ but a 1st level thief succeeds on this hijink on a 19+

These are good thoughts. The specialists are built using the proficiency system, although not explicitly. Maybe I need to specify this more.
The spy is statted as a 4th level thief. I probably should include a Spying proficiency of some sort. I general, there’s a hole in the rules around specialists for hijinks and thieves’ guilds, which I need to fill.