there a way to...

block or at least delete all these spam threads?


Our solution for blocking them is ongoing and obviously currently not effective!
Deleting them is something admins can do. Maybe we need more admins - any volunteers?

@Tavis: Sure. I’m an IT-specialist (allrounder). so what’s to do? I’m having some spare time (not much) and would help out.

Few options that would help – if the forum software supports them…
A. Add a contextual captcha: Ask a eg. question like: “This forum is about what game?” and accept case-insensitive “ACKS”, “ACK”, and “Adventurer Conqueror King” as answers. (Or “Adventurer Conqueror King is a <what?>playing game.”, etc.)
B. Initially moderate profiles and posts that contain links for new members. When someone posts a profile or a post that contains a non-spam link, turn off moderation for them.
C. Moderate new members. After one non-spam post demoderate them.
(I can volunteer to help deleting them.)

And I was kinda getting use to the nightly attacks of the handbag sales trolls and nhl Hershey goblins