Special Maneuvers

In order to promote the use of special maneuvers to make combat even more exciting, I have given certain weapons bonuses to special maneuvers if that particular weapon would excel at such a maneuver. This may seem unbalanced, but monsters can make these attempts, too. Besides, fighting shouldn’t just be swinging weapons all the time.

I decided to overlook this and leave it as is, since it will be rarely used in combat, but can be used in a tavern brawl or something of the like. In combat situations, this is out classed by incapacitate.

A character can attempt to steal a weapon from an opponent at a -4 penalty, and must have both hands free to do so. On the other hand, the character may attempt to knock it out of a combatants hands with a weapon of his own for a -2 penalty on the attack throw. Two handed weapons grant the victim of a disarm attempt a +2 to his Paralysis saving throw, and shields grant a +4 if they are the target of the attempt. Whips still grant a +2 bonus, I just reduced the penalties.

Force Back and Shields
Shields get a +2 bonus on the attack throw to force back opponents. This stays consistent with the bonus from nets.

Incapacitate and Bludgeon Weapons
Weapons with bludgeoning in their descriptions gain a +2 bonus on attack throws to the incapacitate maneuver. These weapons include; saps, maces, clubs, small hammers, mallets, staffs, shields, warhammers, and flails. I gave 1d4 damage to mallets and shields. I did not include morningstars because they are spiked.

Knockdown and Pole Weapons
Pole weapons get a +2 on the attack throw to perform a knockdown maneuver. These include; spears, pole arms, and staffs. I did not include javelins or lances, because javelins are too short and light, and lances are designed for mounted combat. Standing up from being knocked down is a creature’s movement for the round. If the creature has an attack routine such as claw/claw/bite they may not use the full routine after standing up. Whips still have a +2 bonus to attack throws for knockdown. Bolas also get a +2 when used as a ranged weapon, adding a characters missile attack bonus. Bolas have a ranged progression of 10’ -0/20’ -2/30’ -5, the same as throwing axes and daggers.

Overrun and Axes
Axe weapons get a +2 bonus on the attack throw to perform an overrun maneuver. My reasoning is that axes are used in sweeping attacks and their design can hook on armor and shields.

Sunder and Bludgeon Weapons
Certain Bludgeon weapons gain a +2 bonus on attack throws to the sunder maneuver. These include; mace, warhammer, flail, morningstar. These weapons needed a little more love since incapacitate is least likely to be used in combat. The heavy heads on these weapons are great for breaking bones as well as metal.

Wrestle and Daggers and Manacles
Since a net already provides a bonus to wrestling I decided instead to increase the value of daggers, should a person choose to wrestle. I have allowed characters to make an attack attempt against combatants they are wrestling with, using daggers. The character wrestling will not receive the +4 to attack, but may backstab and receive bonuses from that. The character may also attempt to attach manacles to his opponent when wrestling with a successful melee attack throw without the +4 bonus. Another character may attach manacles and receive the +4 bonus.

Opponents still get all of the saves they normally get.