Spell Creation Rules

These haven’t been released yet, right?

No, they have not. They're taking a lot of time to create.

Ok, fair enough. That’s what I thought, but I was worried I’d missed something somewhere. No rush. I’m sure they’ll be awesome when we have them. :slight_smile:

I just joined the group today. So I’m just learning the ropes here. I tried to start a new topic but not able to do so. This topic is the closest I could get to the subject. Guess You can move it if you need to.
What I want to talk about is the creation of magic items. what I read on the forums said some thing about getting 25-30 or maybe even more of one beasts hide; to make a set of magic armor. I hope it was a joke, lol. If not someone needs to rethink magic item creation. I know we are suppose to take all of this with a grain of salt. but that’s a bit of over kill and wasted time to find, hunt, kill, skin and treat so many things just to greate a single item. Also it would cause a lot of critters to be wiped out. A PC could make a “good living” killing critters for spell componets. After the hunter wiped out all of them. he could then corner the market and get what ever prices he wanted. Also this would put a lot of stress on the G-M to really more herds or just not bother with it. That"s going to take the fun out of the game and waste a lot of game time. I suggest only using about 10% of the suggested hides and other componets for making magic items. Instead of 20-30 items that 2 or 3 would be enough to make what ever you need to begin with. As a G-M That’s about all the time I’m going to waste on that part of the game. I learned a long time a go to apply the K.I.S.S. principal, when I can. Keep It Simple Sir, or Stupid. No I’m Not meaning to be insulting, just factual. I’ve been playing D&D since the 70’s. My 25 yr old son also plays R.P.G’s as well. Also I think healing potions were made mostly from Plants like those talk about in your items lists. Trolls Blood would not make a good healing potion per-say. it could make a nice potion of regeneration. Drinking Trolls Blood might have some interesting side affects. I’m sorry if I offended any one. That was never my intention. Thanks for the new game stuff. I hope y’all will apply the K.I.S.s idea to the game stuff when possible. I have seen games get so complicated that folks give up on it. I had about 3 hrs of sleep. so my spelling might be a bit off.

I think the numbers for the required parts is high because characters are not supposed to hunt them all by themself but use the market to aquire them. It creates a reason to organize trade caravans to aquire the parts a wizard needs to create a big amount of giant strength potions (The required parts differ from creator to creator if I recall correctly so cornering the marked is not that effective).
So its more a question of money, not a quest of “Bring me 20 Hellhound tongues”.

Hi martlet, welcome to the forums! It's great to see people who've been playing since the '70s getting into ACKS.

A previous discussion of the beast parts for magic item creation was here - http://www.autarch.co/forum/item-creation-and-xp-vs-hd-0

I think your problem starting new threads comes from viewing the forums in the default "Topics with new and updated posts" view. If you navigate to the sub-forum you want to start a thread in using the tabs at the top of the forum - e.g. "View Forums", at left - you should see the "New Topic" button. For example, if you wanted to post house rules for potions based on plants rather than beast parts, that'd go in http://www.autarch.co/forums/house-rules.