Spiritual Ritual & Ceremonialists

In my HFH game, I have two witches; which are essentially occultists reframed with powers from the PC witch & shaman as a set of subclasses.

One of them is about to level and get Spiritual Ritual, which I just realized doesn't necessarily work with ceremonialists.

I'm considering doing the following:


At 4th level, the totemic witch may perform a spiritual ritual to refresh a talisman that has been previously used. This ritual can only be used once per day, no matter the relative level of refreshed talisman to the witch's maximum ceremony level, and requires one hour to perform. This ritual is as raw as the totemic witch's ceremonies: involving ecstatic dancing, chanting, and hallucinogenics.


The rationalization is that while the witch generally does not have "personal power" to expend on spells, she has just enough connection now to recharge a talisman once per day at a power level corresponding to her highest level ceremony, if she has a talisman of that high a level, and if not the "extra" is wasted.

....the limitation to once per day at a 'casting' time of a turn essentially makes it a 4th level spell per ACKS:PC (which I think is around the level of the old Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer?) so is relatively expensive if someone allows it as a ceremony...though I could see attempting to use a 4th level trinket to recharge a 5th or 6th talisman as a bit of a loophole?




The shaman gets the Prophecy proficiency (as "divine the wisdom of ancestor spirits") for free instead of spiritual ritual according to the book.

Right. I'd slapped together a few custom classes using HFH rules, and had managed to copy+paste Spiritual Ritual into one of them without fully appreciating the change.

It's a moot point now, anyway, as Talismans are no longer charged...though I suppose Spiritual Ritual could now actually recharge a rechargable trinket.