Square feet != Cubic feet

Just got my first draft copy of Player’s Companion, and I love what I’m seeing.

I did run across what seems to be an error that I can’t find mention of here, and it seems like this is the place to report it. (If not, my apologies.)

On the very last page, under Structures, it gives the example of Viktir’s pit trap. It says it is 20’x20’x30’ and then claims that this is 12,000 square feet to be tiled. Actually, it’s 12,000 cubic feet - most of which are empty air and are therefore most decidedly not tiled. Assuming it doesn’t have a roof, the walls and floor would only total 2800 square feet. (A tiled roof would add another 400 square feet.)

And even the basic unit of 1000 square feet for a 10x10x10 pit is incorrect. That’s 1000 cubic feet, but only 500 square feet.

The volume of a rectangular room in cubic units is LengthWidthDepth. (LWD) That’s what you’re using, but that’s not what you want here. The correct formula for the surface area of a rectangular pit in square units would be 2DW+2DL+LW. (For a covered space, add another LW for the roof.)

That will have a HEWGE effect on construction cost.