Status of partnership with 0one Games noted in ad in ACKS 2nd printing?

I was flipping through my 2nd printing of ACKS, and I finally noticed the ad for 0one games after the 'Thank You to All of our Backers' section at the end of the book. In the lower left corner it is noted that there will be 0one Blueprints adapted to make ACKS adventures. One title in particular is given as The Fortress on the Dark Wall. Is this line something still in the works? I own many of the 0one Blueprints, and I have a very high opinion of their quality. If this actually came to fruition it would be awesome.

In theory it could still happen but when Greg and Tavis retired and semi-retired respectively from Autarch, it greatly reduced our rate of project development. As such, all of the adventures we were going to use with 0one Blueprints remain only half-converted from my original B/X notes.

Once the canon of the Auran Empire is published I might contract them out to others to finish, although whether with 00one Blueprints or fresh maps is unclear.