Tease! :) Want more ACK setting now!

I didn’t realize that the book was mostly rules with the implied setting sprinkled in. The setting was half the reason the game snagged me.
Until the gazetteers come, is there a map or anything else to tease us with.

Have you seen Chris Hagerty’s beautiful cartography for the Borderlands region in the contributor downloads area?

There’s also the full-color map of the Auran Empire.

When I click on the Contributors Downloads area, it says the link is Not Found.

Are you logged into the blog?

Well, logged in via Word Press, and still the same issue. They could really do with a clear, obvious Downloads section (for character sheets, maps, etc.) that’s available to customers whether logged in or not.

Strange, I don’t have this problem (when you say “via Wordpress”, you mean you used your ACKS backer login, right?). I think the reason the downloads are hidden is that they are, for now, restricted to the backers.

Ah, that would explain why I can’t access anything. I’m a new purchaser, not a backer, so my guess is that they’ll get downloads up for regular customers fairly soon then.

I and the ape are in the same boat. We are the “second wave” I suppose.

I’m happy to report that we’ve now added a public Downloads link to the menu and home page. It has all publicly available downloads, including the Auran Empire map and Borderlands player’s map. As new free material gets added, we’ll post it there.
Radioactive Ape and Anglefish, I hope you like the maps!

The “Poster – Player Map” link doesn’t work yet.
The Auran map is great. From the descriptions of the setting, I expected a lot of coast line and that’s what I saw. :slight_smile:

This should be working now!

So far, all the links work.

Excellent, thank you. So, any word of int’l availability/distribution?