Terms Unchained !

So the party had reached the 5th floor over 8 game months ago.  A series of high rolls for the Termaxians resulted in the release of Terms Termax!!!!!

I figured his first step is to gain control of the entry and seal off Dwimmermount while he regains full control. 

In my campaign the Crimson Band has been hired by one of the PC parties to guard the front gate and joined the Volamrian empire on level 3A.  They also have commercial operations collecting moon pool water and refining azoth using ancient machinery.  Two of the pcs converted to worshipping law, one a cleric (now of law) and an assassin converted to a paladin.  They have hired an expedition to the east to find more paladins.  They also found a portal to another world and contacted the followers of the sun God in that world (also paladins).  Finally they have hired the seekers to go through the library on level 3b.  They created a realm far to the south east.

The other pc party took Winterburg and are currently building up that realm.  The church of Zeus (Typhon) has sent the inquisition to Muntburg and they have been seeking corruption for a few months.  The PC cleric of Hera (Anesidora) has held them off while building a pretty healthy cult of Hera in the area. The other PCs have focused on research, an orphanage, and business.

Meanwhile, the eld have had plenty of time for one noble house to spread to various fortified locations around Telluria. They have formed an alliance of giants in the thunderhome mountains to raid the human lands, and have begun spreading chaos as they prepare for invasion.  

So the question is what should Terms do now? I figure it'll take him about 2 to 3 months to recapture all of Dwimmermount.  It will take much longer to build strength outside of the mountain.  That buys me a little bit of time.  Other than sending out a necrolyte to raise an army of followers and communicating with brazen heads I'm kinda stuck.

  • If he finds out the link between Termangant and the eld, he'll try to form an alliance, but I don't want to go there right away.
  • The gods won't give him too much info through the speaker of the gods.
  • He won't want to reveal himself to soon for fear of violent supression. He is immortal and freed, can spend a few years allowing his followers to regain power before trying anything desperate.  

Any other ideas?  It's too early for the end game.  


I could see Termax's goals as the following. 
1st - Lock down Dwimmermount
2nd - If possible recruit allies through the portal on Level 3
3rd - Spread out spies through out the region and update his intelligence on the state of the region
4th - Start to gather allies. Beastman tribes, Yethian Necromancers, Monsters from the Starfell, that Dragon that fucked the Dwarves to the east over
5th - Take Muntburg and then Adamas