Terran Cosmonaut level max

Quick check, in reconstructing it I get HP 1, FT 2 (tradeoff 3), Terran 1, Thief 1 for 5 points total (giving 12 max) and 2600 xp.

But, page 144 they have heroic spirit and get a level back taking them to 13.

So is my maths wrong?

BTW, love everything about this book and this class. It was the catalyst for sparking a personal campaign world of my own.

Let me summon Omer Golan!

Thank you for your very kind words!

This is the class composition I used:

Terran 2 (650XP) – grants Technological Familiarity (reskinned Alien Intuition), Rational Thought (reskinned Illusion Resistance), and Scientific Knowledge (Knowledge proficiency at level 3). + 2 powers.

Hit Dice 1 (500XP) – 1D6 HD.

Fighting 2 (1,000XP) – As fighter!

Thievery 1 (400XP) – 3 skills – Find Traps, Remove Traps, and Open Locks.

XP for level 2: 2,600 (rounded up from 2,550).

Maximum Level: 12. (with Heroic Spirit - a racial power - it gets back to 13).

Doesn't however 6 class build points mean only a max level of 11, thus only 12 with Heroic Spirit?

Thanks Omer :) (and Los)

It seems we have a puzzle here, and i love a good puzzle. Ok, from this I think the following happened, The Starman stole the damage bonus from the Cosmonaut (table p.58 has damage bonus, pg 56 does not but should if its full fighter). I thought they were traded off, the perfect crime.

More seriously (for those recovered from the theft above), I think somewhere along the line between the design notes and the final version the Terran racial ranks got edited but the class XP did not. The Terran build in the book seems reasonable so I’m going to go with it being the correct version. (I must admit that rank 4 Terran is giving me ideas...)

Assuming both of the above are correct the build should be = HP 1 (500), FTR 2 (no tradeoffs, 1000), THF 1 (200, daredevil, the right stuff, firearms training), Terran 1 (450) = 2,150 at first level, 5 point build = 12 base with 13 after heroic spirit.

Now that’s interesting, the levels after second seem to fall in line closer to this... It’s only the level two listing that is really out. Reversing the third level down implies a build of 2250 at second level. 

I think for house rule purposes i will add back the damage bonus and use this table (putting it here in case others want it):

Lvl - XP
1 - 0
2 - 2,150
3 - 4,300
4 - 8,600
5 - 17,200
6 - 34,400
7 - 70,000
8 - 140,000
9 - 270,000
10 - 400,000
11 - 530,000
12 - 660,000
13 - 790,000

(PS Starman also must be a 1HP, 1FTR, 2THF build so it has the same problem, Aside from the ability table theft, then again with the damage bonus factored in as presented its XP may be fine.)