Test of Dice Roller

This is a test post utilizing the dice roller.

I have rolled 3d6 seven times, the abilities plus a starting template in order. In the “Roll” box, I typed:

3d6; 3d6; 3d6; 3d6; 3d6; 3d6; 3d6

to make this happen.

(edited this)

As shown above, if you edit a post, your original rolls are preserved, and, if you need to add additional rolls, you can - in my edit, I added the “Another Set of Rolls” descriptor and did “1d20; 1d20” as my rolls.

And evidently wasted a natural 20.


Now it’s time to start a character.

Let’s see if I roll like hell on the forums…

So, Str 18, Int 6, Wis 4, Dex 13, Con 9, Cha 11…yeah, that’s a meathead fighter if I ever saw one. That’d make him a Mercenary based on the 11 wealth roll, so…he can teach other soldiers. I’m amused.

Hmmm, is it that easy?

Wis 4…that guy had better get someone to point him in the direction of wizards first, because he’s not going to be able to save vs anything till higher levels. (He needs a 19 to save vs spells at first level!)

A wizard that declared they’re casting a spell? I waste 'em with my crossbow!

How do you roll dice multiple times?

He only has a 6 int, he might not be able to come up with that plan on his own :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh, let me try:

Type all dice rolls on the same line, each separated by a semicolon.
Ex: 3d6;3d6;3d6.

See the “help” tag below the dice roll box.

Attacking with great sword:

That looks like a miss, haha.

Who is going to start a campaign??

Me. I assume you’ll be joining?

By the by, TEST:

Is there any way to label rolls (e.g. Attack Roll 1d20+4; Damage Roll 1d6+3;)?

So, the “Notes” field adds it as a note above the roll (Proficiency Throw), but that’s not necessarily the best thing for multiple rolls, unless the user is to come in and edit the post to add a second/third/fourth instance.

I’m not sure how solvable this is in the framework we have, but I’ll investigate.

Let’s see…