Text-Only Google Hangouts - Sinister Stone of Sakkara

The Game

ACKS – Starting with Sinister Stone of Sakkara, and hopefully continuing to higher levels and the domain game. Play via Google Hangouts, text-only. I’ve only got mobile internet at my house, so video/audio is not realistic. I’d rather do hangouts than forum because I’d like to be able to communicate easily throughout the day and have quick back-and-forth be possible.



Post at least once per day. I’m not asking for a big, hairy narration. In fact, my experience with PbP suggests that quick, short, frequent posts tend to be more sustainable. Think texting instead of email. I’m going to set up some sort of record-keeping page, but I haven’t decided what platform yet. Forum, blog, google doc, etc.

In the spirit of speed of play, I am going to trust players to make their dice rolls however they see fit. App, dice, webpage, whatever. I’ll do the same. You’re only hurting yourself by cheating.

You will be expected to know your character’s abilities, stats, limitations, and rules. My knowledge of ACKS is solid, but not encyclopedic. I have all published ACKS content except Domains at War Complete and I intend to make that purchase soon.  However, I’m not afraid to make a ruling if no one knows the reference and I’m not near my books.

I will be running this game by the book. Dungeoneering turns, encumbrance, wandering monster checks, reaction checks, death, mortal wounds, etc. If I find need to deviate, it will be with your knowledge and consent. That said, I recommend settling on a time-effective caller/voting system to allow you to make decisions quickly.

Along those lines, I recommend furnishing me with your character’s next few moves or at least an “auto-pilot” script when possible.

This game will be PG13 in content. Violence is fine, but no gore/torture porn. Nothing explicitly sexual. Mild cursing in and out of character is fine, but no insults, slurs, or truly foul stuff. Just be decent.



Starting at lvl 1. Roll characters using the “best 3 of 5 arrays” method in ACKS Core.

Max HP at first level.

Any class published by Autarch is acceptable. I’ll likely accept custom classes, but please ask first.

Lawful or Neutral PCs only.


About Me

I have been playing RPGs for about 10 years now. I’m self-taught on Labyrinth Lord, but my majority of actual play has been Pathfinder (via PbP) and 5e (IRL). I’ve played and GM’ed several successful PbP games, but none for ACKS. I like verisimilitude and sensible world-building, which is why ACKS and the fellows at Autarch are my favorites.

I have also posted on a few other forums, so if you happen to have an account on The RPGSite.com, please use the post there in the name of consolidation. I'll still check here, though.

Alternatively, this is me on G+. Send me a message.

This is great to see! I promoted you on Google Plus. Hope you are able to get a great game going.

Thanks Alex!


It looks like a game is afoot over at RPG.net. I was able to get started there thanks to the assistance of thirdkingdom (who just started a topic over here about the staff of healing in his game). Interest has picked up and we're rolling PCs. There's still a slot open and, if I know Play-by-Post games (I do) at least one player will vanish within days. Check us out here.

Having read Sinister Stone, I can’t play because spoilers, but I think text-only hangouts is an interesting way to run a game and I look forward to seeing how this works out. Best of luck!