The Auran Empire: Default Setting of Adventurer Conqueror King


I am really interested in this game and did some reading about the campaign setting. Is there more information about the Auran campaign setting other then one page of reading on the website? I found some nice maps but not much detail as to where things are located, their history and what not…

Just trying to get as much information on this game so when it is again released I will be ready to start my epic campaign.

There is one BIG problem, IMHO, about new pen & paper rpgs that are released. So many have no campaign settings and many new DMs get lost in the suffle when trying to organize a structured campaign on the fly.

Even after many years of running and playing rpgs I still find a detailed campaign setting an almost most when I am considering buying/running a new game. I do not have the time or energy to make up yet another entirely new campaign setting.

Keep up the great work and really excited about the release later this year!

The forums and the G+ community are the best places to gather info about the Auran Empire for now. We will likely release sections for playtesting or as teasers as the release date draws near.