The Final Draft In YOUR Hands!

One last note: The bladedancer spell list was slightly modified.

At 1st level, Bladedancers gained Angelic Choir but give up Command Word. 

At 2nd level, Bladedancers gained Enthrall but gave up Find Traps.

At 3rd level, Bladedancers gained Cure Disease and Winged Flight, but gave up Cure Blindness and Locate Object.

Angelic Choir (because it's music-themed) and Enthrall (performance-based) were obvious fits for the class. Ianna is commonly portrayed with wings, so Winged Flight was another natural choice. I balanced this with the removal of Command Word (a 1st level staple) and the removal of Find Traps and Locate Object to make them less utilitarian. 

Cure Disease was simply a more useful spell in any game of ACKS than Cure Blindness. I wanted to ensure that a group in which "The Bladedancer IS the Cleric" had access to at least the basic staples of curative spells.

Speaking of different spells for different clerics, what are some good guidelines for building spell lists for clerics of different dieties/religions?

It's actually left wide open.

You could, if you wanted, make a divine class that played very differently from the traditional Cleric. The Witch and Shaman in the Player's Companion are fair examples.

On the other hand, the Bladedancer is "cleric like" with just some changes. When seeking to make a "Cleric like" class, I generally retain the key divine spells such as cure wounds, restore life and limb, and flamestrike, and then sub-out spells of various types around that. So for example the Bladedancer gave up some a lot of divination spells (augury, find traps, locate object) in favor of personal enhancement spells (shimmer, swift sword, winged flight).  



So generally we’re talking about making up new spells, rather than subbing out for a big list? That aside, supposing I wanted to borrow certain spells from the arcane spell list as a shortcut alternative to making a bunch of new spells, is a good rule of thumb to make the divine version 1 spell level higher?

Raising level by 1 seems to be what was done with all the Witch spells which are also on the Mage list, so that’s guideline supported by the text.

As a "rule of thumb" you can simply raise the spell level by 1.

If you want to take a more technical approach, check the Source modifier for the type of spell, as detailed in the Spell Creation guidelines. For the most part it works out to +1 level, but it does vary a bit.

I love this book. It’s cemented ACKS as my favorite clone and made it so much more flexible than anything else out there.

New spell types rock. However I cannot find how to build ‘buff’ spells like bless and prayer. I’m sure I may just be missing it thanks to only reading the doc on my phone. Are spells like that in there?

"Buff" is not actually a spell type. I noticed that 99% of those types of spells were covered by either a Transmogrification or a Protection effect, so I decided not to create a separate "buff" category. It did leave 3 spells - Bless, Chant, and Prayer - undetermined.

If you want to allow your players to research new buffs, I'd recommend you simply treat them as  either Transmogrification or Protection-type spells and create spell effect costs. The existing spell effectts should give you a sense for the cost.

Hey Alex,

Yeah I didn’t know what else to call them…‘empowerment’ perhaps?

If the system can cover all the spells out there bar three, I think I suck it up. :slight_smile:

Just thought of another…Sharpness. I’d guess that was some kind of Transmog effect though?

Sure, Sharpness is another example of an "Empowerment" spell type. There's a few other spells the system can't model:. Large-scale environmental modifications  (Move Earth, Lower Water, Summon Weather) and non-detect divinations (Wizard Eye, Clairvoyance. Commune). If we figure out a good model of those, maybe we'll release it later on as a free PDF or something.




Hey, found another bug I think. The Bladedancer 3rd-level spell list in the final review draft lists a spell called “Invulnerability to Evil” in italics. No such spell appears in the spell descriptions.

Invulnerability to Evil          Range: self

Divine 2 (Bladedancer)       Duration: 1 turn

This spell protects the caster from normal, non-magical attacks by “evil” creatures. Magic or silver weapons can harm the character, but any number of normal swords, arrows, clubs, or natural weapons wielded by an evil creature will be fended off. Evil monsters which themselves can only be affected by silver or magical weapons can still harm the subject, and evil monsters with 5 HD or more are able to affect the subject through natural ferocity. For purposes of this spell, evil creatures include hostile creatures of an alignment other than the caster’s alignment, and inherently evil creatures such as undead and summoned creatures of Chaotic alignment. 


Great catch in noticing that this spell was missing! I've posted it above for those of you using the PC in playtests.

Yo, I missed the kickstarter, but I’ve had a preorder in since a few days after the kickstarter closed. Any chance I could get a copy of the most recent PDF? If so, the email associated with my account would be a good place to send it.

Thanks in advance!

I got a link to the pdf when I pre-ordered. You didn’t?

No, but I preordered several months ago, so maybe it wasn’t set up at the time…

I was able to find this in the downloads section on this site (plus a bunch of other cool stuff as well!)

I noticed in the core book that there was a table for rolling the type of soldiers that PCs attract, by class.
Will there be such an entry for the PH classes or should we just pick an existing table that seems appropriate?

Not sure if this merits a new thread or not, but I do hope the state of the table of contents in the pdf artified version of the PC that came out today is a known bug…

Also I really like the paladin’s helmet, and the ruinguard’s too (though I don’t think he’s ever shown wearing it). I also kind of expect the full-page art across from the Venturer entry to happen in play this evening…

On that same note, now might be a good time to add a built-in PDF outline to the text, to make it easier to find stuff. I’d still like to have that on my ACKs PDF.