Theorems & Thaumaturgy

Theorums and Thaumaturgy for Labyrinth Lord (PWYW on RPGNow) got me thinking about the shaded magic Wizard from Axioms. I was thinking that I could offer two options, they could play a Wizard or a Mage with the Mage using the specialist spell lists from T&T. I know that this would give Vivimancers acess to crossbreeds early on, and I'd have to allow at least neutral necromancers, but I think it'd give a good reason to use both. Wizards study magic for magics sake, mages study magic as a tool to study something else (like the afterlife, organisms, or the human mind). Any thoughts? 

would you recommend T&T as a good resource for a lazy Judge looking for new spells to use in ACKs?

Definitely Jard, although you'd have to add the types and stuff from ACKS. I'm pretty sure none of them are balanced just right since the spell design system from the Companion wasn't used, but it creates some really interesting magical specialties. It has some spells for Fae casters, some spells for Illusionists, then it builds up a weird take on elementalists, necromancers, and vivimancers (think biotransmuters from Pirates of Dark Water if your familiar with it). Vivimancers are especially fun, they kinda get to pre-game the ACKS idea of high level mages creating hybrids and crossbreeds and they have alot of the function of earlier edition druids but in a weird warping nature sort of way.