Thrown warhammer ranges

On page 103 of the ACKS core rulebook it lists the weapon ranges for missile weapons (e.g., 10’/20’/30’ for daggers). The table does not list the warhammer.

In the bugbear description in the monsters chapter it says that they throw hammers. What are the short/medium/long ranges for a thrown hammer? I was using the axe ranges in lieu of an official answer.

You were correct to use the axe ranges


Thanks for the quick response.

Followup question. The Dwarven Thrower magical warhammer says a Dwarf can throw it 60 feet. Are the short/medium/long ranges 20/40/60? And if it’s thrown by a non-Dwarf are the ranges 10/20/30? Thanks!

Edit: When a magical weapon does double or triple damage, do you also double or triple the magical bonus? And do you do double or triple the strength bonus?

This part I can answer: Whenever any effect in ACKS says to double (or triple) damage, double (or triple) only the dice. Modifiers are as normal.

ACKS Core page 104, “Double Damage”.

Thank you! I missed that.

Here's hoping one of the Autarch's sees this question. I guess it got lost in the shuffle. For the Dwarven Thrower, are the ranges for throwing it by a non-Dwarf 10/20/30? And in the hands of a Dwarf are the ranges 20/40/60?

Bumping this question. What are the short/medium/long ranges for the Dwarven Thrower, in the hands of a Dwarf and in the hands of a non-Dwarf? Thanks!

LyricAsylum - Yes, that's correct. The range is twice that of a normal warhammer (or axe).


Thank you! But does that apply to Dwarves only? Can a Human or Elf throw it 60 feet?

Follow-up question; thanks for taking the time to answer. Does the 60 foot range apply only to Dwarves (30 foot for non-Dwarves), or can an Elf or Human throw it 60 feet as well?

Sorry, I missed this -- only a dwarf can throw it 60 feet!