Training Conscripts: Inclusive of Lesser Types?

When you train a conscript to meet a certain troop type, is it inclusive of the troop types logically below it?

I'm kind of following training times here with general capability, so then random examples:

For example, if you train a dude to be Heavy Infantry, has he also been trained to act as Light Infantry as a result?

If he's trained all the way up to Cataphract Cavalry, does that include Light, Medium, Heavy Cav,  Horse Archers, as well as Light and Heavy Infantry?

Can slingers, bowmen and crossbowmen drop to Light Infantry?

Longbowmen to bowmen or heavy or light infantry? (There's no medium infantry, which is where I'd slot a chain-wearing melee combatant I think)

Medium Cavalry to Light Cavalry, Heavy or Light Infantry? (again, no medium infantry)


Yes, exactly.

In rare cases you may choose to rule otherwise but I think there is historical justification for this as a general rule.

For instance, in Rome the velites were the younger legionaries who would, with further training and experience, graduate to become warriors in the battleline. Cataphracts were trained to be both horse archers and lancers.

And so on. 


Good deal, thank you!