Treasure outside of a lair

Hi there! New player here, recently picked up ACKS in the OSR Bundle of Holding, loved it so much I got the Players Companion as well. Drafting up encounters for a sandbox game now and looking to rope my 4E players in for some hex crawling mayhem as soon as possible.

So I’ve got some questions regarding how much treasure to award players for defeating enemies outside of their lair. I understand that the way the random treasure generator is set up is for dungeon crawling, and takes into account random encounters not generating wealth, and assumes the encounter is a lair. But let’s say I encounter, for example, a gang of 2d4 bandits in an abandoned wizards tower. Their treasure score is H, but that is for a whole lairs worth. How should I work out the reward for the players? Just wing it? Award the 4:1 ratio in gold to XP in GP? Or is there a way of doing it randomly (I like random treasure haha!)

Hi Jay! I’m thrilled to hear that you are giving ACKS a try. I hope it plays well for you. Let us know if you have any questions. The “Ask the Autarchs” forum is pretty active for rules Q&A.

Per your question, what you could do is calculate the XP value of the monsters, multiply by 4, and then find a treasure type that has an average treasure of about that amount (or some percentage).

So for instance, 5 bandits (10XP each) are worth 50XP. That’s about 1/5th of Treasure Type A, so you could roll on TTA and divide the results by 5.