Treasure Types

I'm contemplating updating the Special Treasure tables in ACKS to work better with the new rules in L&E, and to generally be more naturalistic. 

For instance:

Roll 1d20 per 1,000cp:

1              2d20 bags of grain and vegetables, worth 5sp each (4 stone each)                          

2              1d3 barrels of preserved fish, worth 5gp each (8 stone each)                  

3              1d3 tenths of a cord of hardwood log, worth 5gp each (8 stone each)                                    

4              1d3 barrels of beer, worth 10gp each (8 stone each)                                 

5              2d6 bricks of salt, worth 7sp each (1/2 stone each)                                    

6              2d4 yards of textiles, worth 5gp each (1 stone each)                                  

7              3d6 ingots of common metals, worth 1gp each (1/2 stone each)                              

8              1d3 rugs or tapestries, worth 5gp each (2d6 stone per rug)

9              1d3 quarter-barrels of preserved meats, worth 5gp each (2 stone each)                               

10-19     1,000 copper pieces

20           100 silver pieces


Roll 1d20 per 1,000sp:

1              10,000 copper pieces

2              1d100 animal horns worth 2gp each (1 stone per 5 horns)       

3              2d4 jars of lamp oil, worth 20gp each (6 stone per jar)                                                               

4              2d20 bottles of fine wine, worth 5gp each (1 stone per 5 bottles)                           

5              3d6 rolls of cloth, worth 10gp each (4 stone each)                      

6              1d3 jars of dyes and pigments, worth 50gp each (5 stone each)                               

7              1d3 crates of terra-cotta pottery, worth 100gp each (5 stone each)       

8              1d3 bags of loose tea, worth 75gp each (5 stone each)                                              

9              2d6 bundles of fur pelts (such as bear, beaver, or fox), worth 15gp each (3 stone per bundle)

10           3d6x10gp of livestock (roll 1d6 on Animals table of Trade Goods)                           

11-19     1,000 silver pieces

20           200 electrum pieces

these look pretty good, but I'm not sure I fully understand what the goal is, can you explain in more detail what you're going for?