"Tribal" Domains

Hello. I was reading the second issue of Axioms that I got from drivethrurpg and was wondering if there was more information on "Tribal Domains." I was interested in a running a Stone-Age setting game in ACKS and that kind of domain structure sounds like it could be very useful in designing that game. I'm also looking for any advice people might have on running a stone-age setting. Any help is apprecaited and thank you for your time.

For some ideas on a Stone Age setting, check out the Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure Frozen In Time.

The biggest issue I ran into trying to build a neolithic campaign is that ACKS is a game about making money. There are a lot of things to think about if your setting predates currency. What is the dragon hoarding if not coin? What trade goods are available and are there any demand modifiers for neolithic societies? Stuff like that.

There was an article in Dagon, reprinted in Best of Dragon #5, called "Thrills and Chils." It was about Ice Age adventures.

I always believed that the reason Gold = XP is because when the adventurers return to civilization they parade through town with the spoils of their quests, a bit like a roman triumph if you wish. So the focus would not necessarily be on the gold, but on the perception of might. This kind of reputation could work on a tribal society, while instead of coming back with the treasure from a dragon the adventurers returned parading with the head of the dragon to earn respect and status among their fellow tribesmen?

If you have not done so already, I highly recommend you check out the game "Wolf Packs and Winter Snows". It's built on the LOTFP chassis, but the designers credit ACKS as one of their inspirations. It is essentially an ACKS-LOTFP hybrid that focuses on stone age adventure. 

Character customization is considerably more limited than ACKS but I think you could kit-bash WP&WS with ACKS to really accomplish what you want here.