Two rules questions (Damage resistance & Sneaking vs Infravision)

Hey all, I have a couple of questions about rules.

First off, in Player's Companion, when creating new spells in the Protection School (yes I know it's not a school but I'm going to call it one :D) it has the "Resistance vs. Normal Weapons/Ranged/Melee". My question is, what does that actually entail? I've looked through both the Companion and base book and I can't seem to find anything that indicates what that actually means.

Second question, with regards to Hide in Shadows & Infravision. Do things you see in Infravision count as dim light for Hiding from enemies? It doesn't give a good description, but the fact that in the Surprise and Sneaking section, it basically mentions that a Thief who Hides in Shadow & Moves Silently can basically get past virtually all monsters (if it's in Dim light). My problem is that if Infravision doesn't count as dim light, then basically it's impossible for a Thief to sneak past *any* monster, as they *all* have Infravsion by default.

I can offer an answer to the first; Alex in this post tells us that protection is +2 to AC and reduces damage by 1 point per die, to a minimum of 1 point per die.

To the second, I have no direct answer, but remember the rules for paying attention; a thief might be able to sneak around a monster even in full daylight by not entering the area that they happen to be looking at.

Thanks for the first.

With the second, I am aware that you *can* sneak by a monster, but especially in the quick hypothetical you gave (I know there are far more permutations) that basically applies to every single class.

I suppose Thieves could only be meant for dealing with human/demi-human opponents, but surely that Heroic archetype is too constrictive, especially as monster hunting is alot of what you do early on in ACKS.

I actually somewhat regret I left the old-school term "infravision" in the game and wish I had simply called it "darkvision". 

Personally I treat infravision as providing vision akin to night vision goggles. You can see with it and fight with it, but it's definitely not as good as true light, and it certainly doesn't make sneaking or stealth impossible.