Typos and Inconsistencies in Alpha Playtest File

  • It looks like there's 2 different damage amounts for the pythons constriction in C11 (already mentioned this on the discord)
  • C12 seems to have old key references (already mentioned this on the discord)
  • D9 boxed text seems to have old key references (5f)

more wrong key schemes:

  • E1

  • E5 to E6a

  • E6b (says 6a but likely means F1)

  • E9

Statue, Animated is listed as 

Statute, Animated

and I will not help out with anything approaching some sort of Harry (Dresden or Potter) magical courtroom/Law & Order RPG, no matter how entertained I would be by Angelic Choir being used to make the dun-dun sound.


more wrong key schemes:


  • F1

  • G3

  • G4

  • G5

  • G7a (7n)

  • G10 (G13 seems wrong)

  • G14 (16g)

  • G16 (7n)

  • G23 makes no mention of G22

  • G24 (7u)

  • H1 (8c)

  • H2 (8)

  • H10 (8i and 8v)

  • H13 (8i)

Thank you gentlemen! All of these changes have been made.