Using Poisons

The onset time for Spitting Cobra venom/poison is 1 turn/10 mins? So does this mean it doesn’t take effect for said amount of time? I am only seeing a couple that take effect in a round and a few that are instant, meaning that the only ones listed that would be useful in a battle would be only 6 total. Those would be Rockfish, Wyvern, Purple Worm, Dragon Blood, Magical Potion Poison, and Curare.

If a low level tried to use a poison and rolled a unmodified 1 and scratched himself, its almost certain death. I was trying as a low level character to use a less harmful poison so I would survive if this happened. But it seems that only the very deadly poisons take affect quickly and would have benefit in a fight. Was this intentional? Maybe its a better ideal to not use poisons till higher levels? Or maybe I am just reading it wrong? any advice on this matter would be appriciated.

By the way, love the game! Haven’t had this much fun gaming for a long time. Great work guys.

Or you use poisons as “stick the big scary monster and run, then come back in a bit to see if it took effect”. No reason a fight has to be a single continuous engagement. You can also decrease your poison risk via Healing II/III and one of the healing herbs (I forget which), even at first level.

… you know, I never thought of it this way, but the poison mechanics support the trope that people who use poisons are cowardly / fight underhandedly. Much like the old Vancian casting mechanics supported arcanists being cerebral and plan-oriented; to play otherwise was to play poorly. Poison is much the same (at least under the circumstances you outline).