vaguely Arabic titles for clerics/bladedancers?

I'm reskinning blade dancers for members of a competing religion, and this religion is sort of a stand in for islam during its period on the iberian penensula. So I'm trying to come up with loosely arabic titles without strong ties to islam, but my cursory searches arent turning anything up, any ideas? ALso I'd like them to be non-gender-specific as I'm just playing on them as a variant cleric, not a gender specific thing.

I have not done this so I don’t know if it’s terrible or not; have you tried slapping the cleric/bladedancer level titles into google translate and seeing what they come out as in various Arabic-derived languages?

Dervish immediately springs to mind - that'd link you to Sama - I'd bet you could find a lot digging from that point.


I'm not sure where you'd even begin! I like the idea of using Google translate on some of the existing titles. Or you might try Persian or Arabic words for dance.


Dervish was my first thought too, but I'm trying to stay away from specifically islamic titles. I would go with turkic titles since the tengrin religion is an inspiration for their faith, but that tradition is a sort of folk tradition without formal priests.