Vassal Domains & Vassal Revenue

Is there a chart similar to the Monthly Hijink Income chart that is used for vassal domains beneath PCs? We’re getting to the point where we’ve about to have a bunch of PC vassal domains and there isn’t super clear guidance on how to determine their domain income to calculate the 20% kickback to the PC lords.



As a rule of thumb it will be (2.4gp) x (families) per vassal domain. You can use the chart in the book to derive the number of families that the vassal’s domain is likely to have.

The 2.4GP being 20% (tax rate) of the average per-family revenue of 12GP.

If the vassal domains have any urban settlements that generate revenue (have a Market) do that separately.

Alex, please fix me if I’m wrong, but I believe that only holds true for leaf vassals; i.e. vassal domains without vassals of their own? I haven’t quite sheeted it out yet but there’s a variable multiplier based on number of sub-vassals in there somewhere.

Yeah, this is a huge topic and I have a ton more questions, but I’m still formulating them.