VTT Ruleset

Has anyone created an ACKS ruleset for one of the major Virtual Table Top software packages? I seem to recall an old post suggesting someone was working on one for MapTool…

In my dreams, I’m chronically “behind schedule” making one for Fantasy Grounds. In reality, I haven’t even started it.

I have started making rulesets for Fantasy Grounds before, but never completed one. I just have too little need and even less time.

I have to say I’m intrigued by this.

I am reasonably happy with roll20’s generic nature, but I was talking with some of my players about managing vision and torches and whatnot and there was some support for MapTool’s light/LOS features. I might take a look at it; I recall their scripting language seeming reasonable.

When I’m actually running campaigns, I just subscribe to roll20.

5 bucks a month and you can get dynamic lighting in your campaigns. There’s a bunch of other stuff you get too, but I’m pretty ok with just paying it for a combination of support and dynamic lighting.

I did a basic one some time ago. It is still in my shared OneDrive folder:
Let me know if the access is still there, and if the file works for you (ACKS.cmpgn)

Hey, thanks! Yes, I can see the folder, but what am I looking at?

Sorry for the late response. These are MapTool files, that is the VTT that I used to create the campaign and the maps. The Excel files are for a different game.

Better late than never. Thanks!