Warlock and Paladin questoins after a quick read

  1. Holy cow, paladins level quicker than fighters! Not by much, granted, but that’s still surprising.
  2. Warlocks cannot “Use a weapon two-handed” (a restriction mages don’t have). How are is a warlock supposed to use his staff?
  1. Yes. That’s how the math worked out using the custom-class engine. Or, if you prefer, the Gods favor their faithful. :expressionless:
  2. As per ACKS core rules, a staff deals 1d4 points of damage when wielded one-handed, and 1d6 points of damage when wielded two-handed. The warlock wields his staff one-handed and can’t fight with it two-handed.
  1. I figured as much, but as a paladin player from back in 2nd ed, it was still stunning. :slight_smile:
  2. Gotcha’, Finally someone the mage can laugh at in a fight!