Warlock familiar alternative?

I’m mostly happy with the Warlock as it exists in the Player’s Companion, but I sort of want them to have an alternative to getting a Familiar.

It seems to be mechanically identical to the Familiar proficiency, so swapping it out for another might be the logical choice. The obvious pick would be Black Lore of Zahar, but the Warlock’s second level ability is obviously redundant with that. Anyone have any recommendations?

Based on the templates, I would give them a free casting of choking grip once per day, maybe adding extra castings at levels 7 and 13. I am not sure if that is too much power, as it is a damage spell and the rules don’t recommend using them for at-will custom spell-like abilities.

It is the proficiency, as a class power. If you want a little variety, I’d give them the choice of… beast friendship, elven bloodline, familiar, prestidigitation, or sensing power, with the others available a class proficiencies.

Hm. Workable. Good thinking.