Weird Custom Race Powers

So, I've been turning over an idea in my head of a campaign set on a cross between Barsoom and Titan of James Hogan's Code of the Lifemaker.

The first character race I'd like to make available are a version of the Green Men of Mars.  While they are basically barbarian types the thing that is tripping me up is powers for their extra pair of arms.  Suggestions on what you'd use would be appreciated.

The second character race is essentially robots from Hogan's book.  I am completely at a loss on how to approach robots in ACKS.  I realize ACKS is nearly 180 degrees in direction from gonzo science fantasy but does anyone have any suggestions.

CharlesDM has a great take on that sort of concept here:

with several links to many classes.

I would say an extra pair of arms would be something like 6 custom powers; being able to wield two two-handed weapons, or even four one-handed weapons, would be very powerful. However, I would also add the following rules:

  • Can only use one shield at a time.
  • If wielding two weapons (two two-handed weapons, a two-handed and a one-handed, two one-handed, etc.), use the normal dual-wield rules, ignoring empty hands.
  • If wielding more than two weapons, make two attacks, again using the normal dual-wield rules (split either left/right, or top/bottom).
  • Normal armor doesn't fit, and will need to be modified.
  • Can only use one bow, sling, or crossbow per round, and not with a melee weapon (though the weapon could be drawn and ready), but can throw two javelins (or other object), as long as it's at the same target; possibly as in dual-wielded melee weapons (bonus to hit).

As for robots, there are two ways you could go. One, you could simply follow the Dwarven Machinist guidelines, using XP instead of gp to fund the build. Two, you could make a custom race, and throw together enough custom powers to make a robot; immunity to disease, immunity to poison, wakefulness, and intrinsic armor would be a good start.