What happens to heroes in units that are destroyed/routed?

Looking at Domains at War, I'm having trouble finding what happens when the unit a hero is part of is destroyed or routed. Is the hero subject to the same percentage chances as the rest of the men?

it's not explicitly stated in the rules, but when you consider that 40gp is the AVERAGE value of prisoners taken, it stands to reason that higher level/more famous warriors would be more likely to be taken alive with the intent to ransom them.

When I played a playtest version of D@W with former Autarch Tavis at GenCon, he operated under this assumption.  Our pair of adventurers hired as many units as we could muster but were still quickly dispatched by a gnoll village.  In desperation, we did an impossible heroic foray. While our kill count was impressive, it was ultimately insufficient compared to an endless horde of gnolls.  When my elven spellsword was defeated, he ruled that a gnoll shaman tried to administer basic healing after the battle with the intent to ransom her, but the mortal wounds table was not cooperative.

I don't have my rulebook on me, but I believe I found rules evidence to suggest that the hero makes some kind of shock and or morale test to see whether they also rout or if they remain standing in the ruins of their unit, still ready to fight.