When does a Freebooter get their bonus profs?

Poring over Heroic Fantasy Handbook trying to decide what I want to bring into Azoth Chronicles and I'm currenly looking at the Freebooter.

I'm probably missing something obvious, but I can't see a reference in the text as to when a Freebooter gets the bonus proficiencies from their Path to Wealth? 5 extra profs at level 1 seems excessive (not to mention not matching with the template at the end) so I'm guessing they get them as they level up?

They get them all at level 1. The bonus proficiencies are a replacement for thief skills.

A thief gets hide in shadows, move silently, open locks, find traps, remove traps, hear noise, pick pockets, and climb walls at level 1.

A freebooter gets four thief skills and five proficiencies.



Thanks Alex! That seems... pretty out there, but I can see where it's coming from. (I'd assumed the trade-off was in fighting capability.)

It's built as HD 0, Fighting 2, Thief 2 with ample fighter trade-offs, hence the very high XP cost.

At any given value of XP, a thief is going to have more thief skills and be better in all of them. 

At any given value of XP, a fighter is going to hit just as hard and have twice as many hit points or more.

But, as always, if the class doesn't work for your needs, ditch it! Every campaign is a law unto itself, etc.