Who to Contact About Regaining Access to Dwimmermount PDFs


I was a Kickstarter backer and I was transfering files onto another harddrive when I realized that I my Dwimmermount PDFs have vanished. Unlike other projects I've backed from Autarch, I can't download Dwimmermount from my RPGNow library without repurchasing it. I emailed support@autarch.co last week and have yet to get a reply. Can a mod point me toward the correct point of contact for how to redownload my PDFs.



Andrew Branstad

Drew, what's your DTRPG email address? I'll handle it.


Edit: Removed personal info.

Thanks, Alex. I'm not sure why I've never noticed this before. Probably because I had no reason to re-download the PDFs.

My email address for both Drivethrough and Kickstarter are the same: REDACTED. Username on Kickstarter is REDACTED, in case you need that to verify me.