Wights, Other Undead and Fire

Just looking for a quick clarification.
Did you intend for the Wight (and other undead monsters immune to normal weapons) to be harmed by normal fire?
As it stands, the text says, “Wights may ONLY be harmed by magical weapons, spells and weapons made of silver.”
Fire is not listed.
In the thrown oil section, it says, “However, burning oil does full damage to MOST undead monsters.”
Can these types of undead be harmed by normal fire? Or, just holy water?
What about incorporeal undead and creatures?

Just realized you have sub-forums now. Please move this to “Ask the Autarchs”. Thanks!

Fire will harm ghouls, mummies, skeletons, vampires, and zombies. It will not harm spectres, wights, or wraiths.
If you wanted to allow it to harm wights, it wouldn’t mess up game balance and that would make for a clean split between corporeal and incorporeal undead.

Right. I’ll go for the clean split. Makes it easier to rule on custom monsters.