Wilderness Encounter Queries

Over the last few days I’ve been generating 99 random wilderness encounters and noticed a few possible errors with the tables compared to the monster entries.

I know some of them have been identified before (Veterans, Bandits vs Brigands, Trader, etc…) and I may not have come across them all, but…

Oh - and yes, I’m being anal and specific, so feel free to ignore half of the things I spot :slight_smile:

Table: Other, Column: Insect.
There’s no ‘Driver Ant’ in the monster entry. I assume this means ‘Ant, Giant’.
There’s no ‘Beetle, Oil’ in the monster entry. I assume this means ‘Beetle, Giant Bombardier’.
‘Killer Bee’ should be ‘Bee, Killer Giant’.

Table: Other, Column: Dragon
‘Caecilia’ is ‘Caecilian’ in the monster entry (This may be a Sing/Plur. issue, or a typo, or whatev’ :))
‘Sphinx’ does not exist in the monster entries.

Table: Other, Column: Unusual
‘White Ape’ should be ‘Ape, White’

Table: Men, Column: Various
‘Noble’ does not exist in the monster entries.

Table: Animal, Column: Various
‘Antelope’ appears that is should really be ‘Herd Animal, Antelope’
Also,‘Herd Animal’ does not appear anywhere in the encounter tables for Animals, which I would have thought was an oversight. This may just be an area where the implied Auran Empire setting is overriding more generic (and perhaps more useful) tables.

Table: Flyer, Column: Mountains, Woods
‘Bat Swarm’ should be ‘Swarm, Bat’.

Great catches. Sphinxes will be detailed in the Auran Empire campaign setting. For now feel free to substitute the BECMI or AD&D version, as you prefer.

Nobles should be 3rd - 4th level NPCs with lower-level attendants. E.g. minor barons.

All references to Antelopes should be to Herd Animals.