Wilderness Encounters by Terrain -table

The columns for “Clear, Grass, Scrub” and “Woods” contain the same entries, but in different order.
Intentional or error?

The Wilderness Encounters: Men -table has:

  • “NPC Party” entries with zero, one, and two asterisks – should presumably always have one?
  • There’s a “Magic-User*” entry that should presumably be “Mage*”.
  • There’s one “Brigands” entry and several “Brigand” entries. I’m assuming they should all be either singular or plural.

NPC Party should have one asterisk. The additional or missing asterisks are simply errors.
Magic-Users are Mages. I’m not sure what these “magic-users” are or why I keep accidentally calling Mages that. :expressionless:
Brigands and Brigand are the same encounter.

In the table on p244, the columns for “Clear, Grass, Scrub” and “Woods” do contain the same entries in a different order, yes. They appear in a different order simply because of how they developed organically as I was playing with the different monster frequencies. There’s no error, per se.
In the tables on p255 and thereafter, the columns for “Clear, Grass, Scrub” and “Woods” have many different entries, of course. For example, under “MEN”, Nomads appear in “Clear Grass Scrub” but not in “Woods”. Etc.