Wilderness Map Hexographer?

Has anyone put together a hexographer version of the wilderness map? It'd be great to start with that and then make modifications from there. If no one has already done it I might start putting together one, though I'm fairly new to Hexographer.

The other reason I'm interested in this is that the other day I noticed that the hex numbers between the printed vinyl hex-map I got as part of the campaign and the map in the book dont' always quite line up. Not a huge deal, but I imagine it'd be just a bit annoying when trying to use it in play, so I'm wondering if I can recreate the map in Hexographer and get it printed out and laminated nicely for use at the table (That'd also let me put nice icons and labels on important locations, which I'm having trouble doing nicely using wet-erase markers which don't seem to come in "ultra-fine" tips).

Anyway, figured I'd ask before I got going!

Ok, I went ahead and made up my own, which I'll share here:

First is an unmarked map (with no points of interest or names on it). This is basically the old Outdoor Survival Board but in hexographer form. So if you want to play super-old-school this could be useful.

Here's the hexogrpaher file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3obpuf88hx69me6/Dwimermount%20Wilderness%20Basic%20Unlabled.hxm?dl=0

Here's a PNG of the map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8je3o36oprb4k9h/Dwimermount%20Wilderness%20Basic%20Unlabled%20%28PNG%29.png?dl=0


And here is one with all the locations and names from the book filled in:

These are slighty more customized from the blank ones as I was originally just making it for myself. The main difference is that I've made the forests a bit more varied, some using the icon for deciduous trees, others pine, and still others a mix. In the blank one it's all just mixed forest. Feel free to alter that aspect (or any other you want to!) as you see fit. I went back on the blank one and made them all uniform just so it's more of a blank canvas.

Hexographer file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nn6hfbmf5no1wm/Dwimmermount%20Wilderness%20-%20Labled.hxm?dl=0

PNG of the map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pzq7o1hf24ux1rq/Dwimmermount%20Wilderness%20-%20Labled.png?dl=0


Feel free to use these as is, or to alter them to your hearts content. (I plan to make additional copies which I'll alter to fit my campaign if/when I ever run it). Please let me know if you see any locations missing or in the wrong hex or anything!

Just wanted to say thank you for this - very well done, really useful and much appreciated!

Does anyone still have these?

I have some that I have done. I also have set spreadsheets for Adamas and Yethlereom which include breakdowns by level and class. The Adamas one has info on two criminal guilds. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll figure out a way to get them to you.

Yeah that would great. If you can’t post them in via Dropbox or something could you dm me on discord? I have the same username.