Will Autarchs be at GenCon 2014?

Do you have any plans to have a presence of some sort at this year’s GenCon? If so will you have any of the latest printing of ACKS with you? I’ve been thinking about getting a copy of the second printing, and I figure picking it up there would be as good a time as any.

they weren’t there last year, but they usually get some small-press old-school company (whos name escapes me) to carry their books.

… is there any interest in trying to organize a pick-up game?

I’d have to get my schedule determined first, but I do usually show up Wednesday afternoons so I might be able to join something then, or some other time that my eventual schedule leaves open.

I’m hoping to make it to GenCon this year, and if I do I’d be quite interested in a pickup.

I believe Autarch’s stuff was at the OSR Booth at GenCon last year. Probably makes far more sense than their own booth at this point.

I dearly hope we’ll have at least one member of Team Autarch out at GenCon. That said, “Team Autarch” is a bit amorphous - right now it’s mostly me and Tavis with Carrie K., Chris H., and Rich Iorio working behind the scenes on various projects.

I submitted a session to run as a Judge at GenCon but I don’t think I ever heard back.

let us know if you do hear back. i would totally sign up for that!

This would be the highlight of the convention for me. Hope you’re able to do it.

I’d be down for participating in a ticketted ACKS event by the Autarchs for sure! Or a pick up game, time permitting.

I’m sad. I didn’t get into the only ACKS game on the roster. In fact, like is typical for Gen Con I didn’t get pre-registered tickets for any RPG really.

Perhaps a pickup game is in order, then?

I didn’t even realize there was a game on the roster. Perhaps a pickup is in order… though don’t ask me what my schedule is like… I still haven’t planned it out.

+1 for a pickup game. I’ll be at my first GenCon this year and would love to play some ACKS.