Will the Auran empire be a kick starter?

Just curious as to what future plans are if any. I have the primer and was hoping there was more upcoming. 

I've been wondering that, myself. The primer raises a lot of unanswered questions.

Alex did post a thread polling whether the Auran Empire Campaign Setting should be presented using the core ACKS rules or the Heroic Fantasy rules a little while ago, which suggests he's planning to release something that substantially involves the setting, but it's hard to say whether that something is a campaign setting book or merely part of another product.

I am not Alex, but …

  1. Autarch has two books in progress as we speak, and I would expect these two books to be delivered before Autarch begins a new Kickstarter or similar crowdfunding. The additional stretch goals and generous backer support of the last campaign leads to the two edged sword of more art and content, with more time required.

  2. Alex has previously indicated a preference for crowdfunding an Auran Empire Campaign Setting book.

  3. However, Alex will make the final decision of what product appears when, how. Alex is very particular about when something is “done”, and it’s at least conceivable that something like a major site-based adventure or regional gazetteer may jump ahead of the Auran Empire Campaign Setting in the production queue.

[quote="CharlesDM"] ... 3. However, Alex will make the final decision of what product appears when, how. Alex is very particular about when something is “done”, .... [/quote]

You make that sound like a bad thing, but it is a definite perk as I see it :)

It's true. In most of my life I'm laid-back but when it comes to ACKS I act like I'm Steve Jobs. LOL

I do want to Kickstart the Auran Empire Campaign Setting, yes. I want it to be a huge and exciting Kickstarter that justifies the creation of a beautiful and magnificent product.

  • Full color interior
  • Full color maps
  • Fold-out large-scale map




Cool I can't wait!

Curious have you thought about in the meantime just releasing region pdf's at a lower price? Just an over view not heavily detailed with some basic info about the peoples, religions, cities, etc...

Like 1.99 or 2.99 a pop? 

some of those "slightly more than 1 page dungeons" that you keep teasing on the chat of kings would be nice too, assuming they all take place somewhere in the auran empire.

Fine fine.. Here's my wallet ;P

Woo those "slightly more than one page Dungeons" sounds interesting to me too.  Sounds like they would give just enough info that you could run them on the fly as needed without needing to do the homework (because players just sometimes have to go where you never expected them to go, even in a million years).

The trick with the One-Page Dungeons is that they are all under the Creative Commons license, which means we cannot commercially re-use them or modify them, and the individual authors have been hard to identify.

I have a complete list of all the One Page Dungeons that appear in the Auran Empire Setting:

OPD - Ancient Academy (Across Krysivor River)

OPD - Grey Goblin Warrens (in Dragon's Tor)

OPD - The Foetid Pit (in Naungolle Forest)

OPD - Serpent Temple Lost Tombs (in Dark Wall)

OPD - Fortress on the Ironflow River (in Meniri Mountains)

OPD - Valley of the Necromancer Kings (South of Zahar)

OPD - The Crumbling Dungeon (in Meniri Mountains where they join Dark Wall)

OPD - Trolls Will Be Trolls (Meniri Mountains of Eastern Krysea)

OPD - Chantry of the Earth Flame (Meniri Mountains of Eastern Krysea) 

The following also are used:

0one's Blueprints - Kobold Warrens: Abandoned Tower (Lake Laman)

0one's Blueprints - Kobold Warrens: Ruined Keep (East of Krysivor River)

0one's Blueprints - Cairns: Round Cairn (The Waste)

0one's Blueprints - Orc Fortress (Dark Wall)

0one's Blueprints - Dwarf Stronghold (Meniri Mountains)

Pocket Full of Peril #2: Tomb of Ice (Meniri Mountains of Eastern Krysea)

Pocket Full of Peril #3: Spider Riders of Pern (Meniri Mountains of Eastern Krysea)

Pocket Full of Peril #4: Runs of Rabon Nov Dranbon (Southeastern Krysea)

BFRP: Death Crypt of Khaldun (Meniri Mountains of Eastern Krysea)




my mistake. on one of the chat-o-kings, i got the impression you were taking a map and the idea of one-page dungeons as a start of your own work.  Essentially trying to stick to lightweight descriptions of rooms, but not quite fitting it in just one page.

Some days I feel like I've been under a rock... didnt even know there was the one page dungeon thing, before now.  :o

Any news on this front? Are we getting closer to a release? Should we offer prayers and supplications to ancient tentacled beings to assist you?

Prayers to the tentacled beings are always appreciated!

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