Will there be any consideration of naval battles in D@W?

I've been reading a review of the playtest materials, and note the construction chapter has stuff about building your own ships, which is cool. However, what doesn't seem to be there is an expanded naval combat system, nor for that matter any hints that naval campaigns (ie all the logistics and tribulations of keeping a fleet on the water) and naval battles (engagements involving tens or even hundreds of vessels a side) are considered.


Given how comprehensive everything else is, this seems a strange omission. Might we get some consideration of ship-board matters before D@W is released?


Historical examples that could be  used include the Battle(s) of Salamis (any of the four major battles off Cyprus) and the Battle of Actium.

Ha, that's what I get for not finding the Kickstarter page, apparently this is the top stretch goal.


If the KS doesn't make that goal, will be get a naval supplement later, perhaps as a standalone product?

One of the bonus goals for the kickstarter is an intro to naval combat similar to the starter edition of D@W available now.

I noticed that after I posted the first one. I hope that means there's a full-blown supplement in the works.

Regardless of whether the bonus goal funds, we will eventually release a naval supplement, yes! That said it probably won't be fast enough for your campaign's needs, Kiero - it tends to take me a while to design rules because of the research and math I put into them.

As far as my game goes, it's probably 2-3 months off if my reading of what we're going to play is accurate. We've got another game that's due to return once we get back into regular sessions again, so I'll be in the next avaiable slot.


Where does the naval supplement sit in the general order of priorities? I know, for example, there might be setting-related info that's on the schedule. Is this towards the top, or one of the things towards the bottom of the stack (given, as you say, it needs some maths and playtesting)?

We already have commitments to do Dwimmermount and Auran Empire Campaign Setting. We have substantial progress on several ACKS adventures and Lairs & Encounters. So it's likely all of those will come first, and it'd be at least 6 months to a year before any serious attempt at tackling naval combat occurs. 

If there's sufficient interest I could likely hack up some early rules for testing by our forumgoers but that's well short of a true naval supplement.


I'll take anything you've got!


I've got two takes from AD&D2e (Pirates of the Fallen Stars and Spelljammer) and neither really feel that robust to me. So if at some point you do feel like having a go at something for playtesting, I'll give it a go.

I agree, watching Vikings made me intrested in playing a games centered around old viking myths and some basic naval rules for longships and such will be great.