Will you be distributing the Print copies of your books to Europe?

Because its kind of expensive to ship direct or failing that would it be possible to do a POD version?

Being able to order through Leisure Games would be good. Being able to walk into Forbidden Planet or Travelling Man and see ACKS there would be even better as they’re a good place to host games.

Yes, we will be working with Game Salute to get books into stores worldwide. Especially for places that host games, a good way to do it is to have the store sign up as a Game Salute Select store - http://gamesalute.com/home/selectstores/ - and do a Preview Nights bundle; that gets them the books earlier (a week after Kickstarter backers) and we’ll help you run a demo of ACKS in the store.
We’ll also enable POD at the same time that the hardcovers are widely available.

I think I’ll go for POD once the pdf is updated.

Thanks for the quick reply. I look forward to having an actual book in my hand