Witch & Potion/Scroll Creation/Spell Researcg

I just noticed that the Witch splits it’s 5th level Divine abilities (spell research, potion making, scrolls) into levels 3,5 and 7 - I’m having a hard time finding a note on this in the PC, so:

I’m guessing the ability to spread/reorder those is an option for purely flavor purposes (as a Witch doing proper potions sooner and grubby, inefficient scrollwork later makes perfect sense)?

What about those with lesser Arcane/Divine values? Should that still be a 5-level spread?

A class with Arcane 2 would start spell research, potion making, and scrolls at level 10 (I think) - so you’d do either 8/10/12 or perhaps 7/10/13? 6/10/14? I’m thinking too much? :slight_smile:


Koewn, it was just for flavor. The backer who sponsored the class really liked the idea so I used my Infinite Powers as lead designer ot make it so... 

If you wanted to adopt a similar mechanism for your class, I'd probably do it as follows (let's say you are a 1/2 level caster): 

Level 3 would mean Level 6

Level 5 would mean Level 10

Level 7 would mean Level 14

That would let you have a chance at having one type of spell research at a reasonably early level for flavor.