Woot! I received my copy of TSSoS!

I received my copy of The Sinister Stone of Sakkara. I generally prefer PDF/softcopy for adventures, and I couldn't count how many times I've read TSSoS in softcopy. Which is why I'm surprised how much I like the hardcopy. The combination of art and text is wonderful!

I’m jealous :frowning:

Just got my copy today!

One question... I thought that the map in the back was going to be in color?



Ok, the map in the middle has the color.

What do you mean? Can you show an image of the map you thought was going to be color but is not?

I thought the map at the end of the book was going to be color as it is in the PDF.

Here is a link to a photo of page 75


I will admit I haven’t given the Player’s Map a lot of thought, or the difference between print and PDF. I just assumed Judge’s Map, fully detailed and in color, Player’s Map, less detail and in black and white.

Thinking about it, at most, I’d “distress” the black and white Player’s Map a bit to remove more detail before I’d use it. I generally don’t hand out perfect maps to the players without gold changing hands or adventure taking place.

This won’t affect my enjoyment of the adventure. Woot, woot I say!!

just chiming in to say I've got it too! The artist slightly changed the expression on the piece I described, but that's a minor quibble in an overall great book!

I got mine yesterday; my own minor quibble is that the cover is too high quality, my thumbprints really show and detract from its awesomeness :stuck_out_tongue:

(I also noticed a few typos in the economic demand table that I don’t remember seeing in the PDF, but am comparing now and are there, apparently just blind. Siadanos’ demand modifier for Beer/Ale is listed as just 1, no plus or minus. Same for Turos Luin with Wood, common.)

It'll be a while before I get mine - I'm actually in the middle of moving, so it'll get bounced around a bit before it gets to me.


​<commits seppuku>

Thanks for sharing the photo of the back map. That map is, in fact, supposed to be full color. It is full color in the PDF and also was full color in the proof from McNaughton Gunn.

I think there may have been a printing error. I'm not sure if it has hit every book or just a batch. I have emailed McNaughton Gunn to find out what happened.

Depending on their answer I will post here with such resolution as I can offer.

I just heard back from the printer. "After investigating the situation, I found that the color pages were printed on a different device and then put into the black and white text. They missed that page as being color."

Since the error was their fault, I've asked them to re-print the books. Even if they agree, Autarch does not have funds th re-ship our backers a brand new set of books, but we will be able to at least make them available for just the cost of shipping & handling to those who want them, or we can insert them into the next shipment that a backer makes in a future Kickstarter.


Could another option be for the printer to print just the color version of the player map and also cover the shipping cost to the backers? This should be cheaper than reprinting entire books, but also doesn't ask backers to cover additional shipping. Besides, the player map was meant to be separated from the book anyways. Just offering my 2¢ (and hopefully not opening a can of worms).


Thank you Alex!

I thought that looked like a misprint becuase the rest of the book does look fantastic.

or see if they'll at least print you copies of the maps and then bring them with you to any conventions you attend.

Alternatively, have the printer buy everyone a coupon for Fedex/Kinkos (or similar printing facility) for one full color glossy print out :-P

I am investigating to see what the options are.

Recieved mine yesterday afternoon, so it's hitting the Midwest.

Also (finally) got physical copies of ACKS and the Player's Companion. I'm somewhat regretting not going for the combined D@W hardcover now.

Well packed; doubled up in two UPS bubble-wrap shipping bags and then placed in a well-sized cardboard box.

Mine just arrived in Hollywood. It's lovely. Good work, guys.